Mitsubishi Electric outdoor unit noisy - Outdoor Fan Bracket issues

Mitsubishi Electric fan motor bracket, old vs new

If you own a Mitsubishi Electric ducted air conditioning unit, you may one day hear a knocking sound from your outdoor unit. If this happens, check the outdoor unit fans to see if they are wobbling excessively back and forward. A common area of failure, especially with systems located near salt water, is the outdoor fan motor bracket. These brackets either rust out at the base, or the rubber mounts disintegrate at the top. Either way, this can cause the fan motor/s to drop forward and catch on the fan housing or wobble back and forth. Best case, this noise is loud and annoying, worst case the fan motor can jam against the fan housing and trip the unit out on fault or damage the fan motor and blade. Preliminary symptoms can often be picked up during a preventative maintenance service if the technician knows what to look for.

The remedy

Replacing the fan motor bracket is the easiest way to stop this problem. Genuine Mitsubishi Electric fan motor brackets typically cost around the $300-$400 mark supply and installed by a professional service technician. This could be done DIY but not recommended as the motor/s have to be removed in order to install the new bracket. Contact Mitsubishi Electric on 1300 292 732 to find your local service specialist.

Mitsubishi Electric fan motor bracket replaced

New fan motor bracket installed

In a nutshell

Simple and cheap repair if found early
Can be detrimental if left unfixed
Should be completed by a professional service technician

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