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Hitachi Group is a large Japanese group of companies diversified in many different electric appliance and construction equipment sectors. Hitachi Air conditioners alone have been available in the Australian market for over 25 years. In 2009, an agreement between Hitachi and Temperzone Air Conditioning made Temperzone the exclusive supplier and distributor of the Hitachi Air Conditioning product line. In 2015 Johnson Controls bought 60% of Hitachi and merged together to become Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning.

Hitachi’s involvement within the air conditioning industry has played a massive part in shaping the way we see and use air conditioning today. Hitachi invented the first ever inverter drive and also designed and created the first scroll type of compressor. This compressor and drive combination is widely used by almost all air conditioning manufacturers in today’s air conditioning products.

T&K Airpower became involved with Hitachi Air Conditioners after Temperzone became the sole distributor Hitachi products in Australia. Since 2009 T&K Airpower has ‘inherited’ the entire range of domestic, commercial and industrial warranty repairs in Adelaide and South Australia. From Domestic hi-walls to VRF Set Free and large central plant Chillers, Hitachi’s range is extensive. Within the last 7 years, our technicians have travelled to Sydney and Barcelona, Spain to complete extensive training on Hitachi air conditioning products.

Ensuring you have the right air conditioning technician for your air conditioning brand makes a world of difference to the quality of your air conditioner repairs and also your hip pocket! With over 7 years experience in repairing Hitachi air conditioners, you can trust that we know just about everything there is to know about your unit. You will get sound advice based on thorough diagnostics and extensive product knowledge.

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T&K Airpower have been working to keep Adelaide homes comfortable for the last 20 years. We specialise in Temperzone, Hitachi and Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning units and know how they tick. If you have problems with your Temperzone, Hitachi or Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning unit, or are you concerned about the amount of water your unit is producing? Give us a call and we will be more than happy to help.

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