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Don’t get your air conditioner serviced!

Air Conditioning has become a staple of western civilisation over the last 30 years. Society relies more and more on the buildings we spend most of our time in, to be kept conditioned all year round. So with such a reliance on air conditioning it makes sense to maintain and service regularly, right?

“An Air Conditioner service can cause more damage than good”

The air conditioning industry is developing every year to increase energy efficiency, quietness and a greater user interface. With this ever evolving technology, comes smarter air conditioning units. This brings a new set of skills required to service diagnosis and repair. Servicing a unit with no product knowledge can actually cause more damage than good, especially if the technician is inexperienced.

Would you take your BMW to a Holden Mechanic for repairs? Would you have trust in this mechanic to know your car, how they work and what common problems they have? What about taking a Samsung phone to the apple store for a repair? It makes sense that with such specified technology, the service technician looking at your air conditioning unit has the product knowledge and knows what he is doing.

“Would you take your BMW to a Holden mechanic for repairs?”

The air conditioning industry is forever changing for the better. With ever increasing features and energy efficiency, creating a comfortable climate in every aspect of our life has become ever more accessible and affordable. But repairing these units require ever more technical experience and expertise to get it right.

Choosing the correct tradesman for the job is critical to ensure you get quality service and the right advice. Spending time to find a manufacturer backed repair specialist is paramount to save time and money. Expertise really is the key.

T&K Airpower is Adelaide’s leading domestic and commercial air conditioning service and repair specialists. T&K Airpower currently look after the warranty work for Temperzone, Hitachi and Mitsubishi Electric in Adelaide, South Australia and spend the majority of their time fixing poor installations and manufacturing faults. With over 20 years in the business in Adelaide, T&K Airpower continue to be leaders in their field.