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An all so common air conditioning disaster

“So my air conditioner stopped working today, and I can’t for the life of me remember who was out here last? Ok, well I’m off from work tomorrow so I’ll ring around and see who I can get out ASAP while I’m home.

QUE – a good old Google ‘ad’ and the promise of next day service… guaranteed!

Service technician rocks up the following day as promised. Decides a heap of parts need to be replaced, gives me a nice $250 bill….and has to order parts to return with.

A week later…Technician returns and replaced $1500.00 worth of parts and still can’t get the unit working. Tells me the unit requires a further $3000.00 worth of repairs until they realise the unit could be under warranty. I pay the $1500.00 bill and arrange a warranty service agent to attend.

Warranty service agent attends and it turns out the original technician re-wired the unit wrong, replaced almost all parts unnecessarily and the fix was a $200.00 part all along!!!!

SO NOW WHAT…lengthy phone calls to the first company demanding money back and a lot of headaches?!…great!”


T&K Airpower specialises in the repair of Mitsubishi Electric, Temperzone and Hitachi Air conditioning units and are the warranty agents for these brands in Adelaide, South Australia. As the warranty agents, we see almost all of these units if they have broken down under the warranty period. Unfortunately the story above is an exact recount of what happened at a recent job and is an all too common story we hear. It really resonates the importance of getting the right advice from the start and someone who actually knows what they are doing.

Moral of the story – Before searching for just ANY air conditioning company to service or repair your air conditioner, check the Brand of unit you have and search for the specialists. The most sure fire way of ensuring you find the right people is to contact the manufacturer direct and see who they recommend in your local area.

Remember….skilled labour isn’t cheap and cheap labour isn’t skilled
Get the techs in the know…….know your brand, know your specialist

Rant over.