Know Your Brand, Find your Local Specialist

Know Your Brand, Find your

Local Specialist

We specialise in Temperzone and Hitachi and Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning units and are the only warranty agents in Adelaide.

Do you need a second opinion?

  • Have you been told your air conditioning unit is too old, cannot be repaired or parts are no longer available?
  • Was the other company only onsite for a short while and then try and sell you a new replacement air conditioner?
  • Have you got a feeling that they didn't really check the problem correctly?
  • Have you been told the repairs are so expensive that your best option is to replace the unit?

Does this sound like your experience? We hear this story from new customers on a regular basis. While there are plenty of good air conditioning companies around, there are many who are only interested in selling you a new air conditioning system.


John called a 'GET THERE FAST' company to investigate his air conditioning system. The technician diagnosed failed compressor, fan motor and controller. The technician told the customer he cannot get parts for this unit anymore. He was promptly quoted over $18,000.00 to replace the air conditioning unit.  Lukcily for John, something didn't sit will with him and he researched other companies who specialised in his brand of unit. John called and spoke with our Service Manager Steve and he quickly determined the parts for his unit were definitely still available. We attended the following day to investigate the actual issue. After 45 minutes onsite, we had the unit up and running. The total cost for our time and the parts required to get the unit running was under $700.00. As you can imagine John was pretty relieved that he decided to get a second opinion. 

This is just one exmple but there are many stories  similar to John's. The recent uprising of 'GET THERE FAST' companies has seen these issues spike in the last few years. The truth is there is a massive skills shortage in the industry and good service technicians, who care about what they do and want to get to the bottom of a problem, are few and far between. At T&K Airpower we build each technician to have these values and skills over years and years of training.  Because there just isn't that many great technicians around, you need to be wary of the companies that promise GET THERE FAST attendance. When a company promises to 'GET THERE FAST', the ony thing they can do is send the next available person (often a salesperson, electrician or plumber). As a customer, you want to be getting the RIGHT technician for the job, not just the closest. There are simply not enough GOOD technicians to offer GET THERE FAST in the air conditioning industry.


At T&K Airpower we are seeing this trend and it is concerning. 
Our committed team have created a dedicated email address to help homeowners get a second opinion:


 If you are unsure about the diagnosis you received or the information you have been told, send us an email and we will help. We are offering this as a free service and there is no obligation required from you. We beleive a small amount of investigation and an honest opinion can save Australian home owners thousands of dollars.


Send an email to with the below information
  • Your best contact number
  • Address of the property
  • Model and Serial number of your air conditioning unit
  • Report from the other company (attach a copy if possible)
  • Please attach photos of the unit, model placard and other information that may help us
We will reply as soon as possible with:
  • Our opinion of the diagnostic based on over 50 years of combined industry experience
  • Confirmation that parts are available or not for this model
  • Recommendations of other parts that should be checked
  • Approximate price to complete repairs (if possible)
  • Any other inforamtion that can help you make an informed decision

While this is an obligation free service, if you want us to put together pricing to complete repairs or installations we certainly assist (South Australia only).

Hopefully we can give you peace of mind that the diagnostic is reasonable and the pricing is not exorbitant. If there is anything that doesn't add up, you will atleast have information to make an informed decision.

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