Pioneer RENEW Air Conditioning in Adelaide

Introducing the Pioneer RENEW air conditioning system, the latest in air conditioning technology. Utilising natural energy efficient Hydrocarbon refrigerant, the Pioneer RENEW system is a class above the rest. Replacement of your broken air conditioning system is now quicker and easier than you think! Good for the environment and your wallet!

The Pioneer RENEW system replaces your old fixed speed air conditioner outdoor unit without needing to replace pipework or the indoor unit. It provides an energy efficient inverter compressor controlled by a trademarked indoor control module and twin temperature sensor configuration. 

RENEW utilises natural Hydrocarbon refrigerants which lowers operating pressures and energy usage, providing superior heating and cooling performance at lower running costs.

Natural Hydrocarbon refrigerants, such as engas M60 utilised in the Pioneer RENEW, allow a much needed alternative to the current air conditioning refrigerants on the market. Not only do Hydrocarbon refrigerants have no global warming impact on the environment, they absorb nearly twice the kilojoules of energy compared to HCF refrigerants such as R410a and R32. This allows greater performance with less refrigerant, reducing the compressor current draw (amps) and lowering running costs by over 40%.

Energy efficient operation

To show how current (amps) affects running costs, take a look at the following example. We used the following electrical measurements taken from both a running fixed speed 10 kw air conditioning system and a 10kw Pioneer RENEW air conditioning system. 

  • 10 kw fixed speed system consumed 18 amps during operation
  • 10 kw Pioneer RENEW system consumed 12 amps during operation

We calculated the amount of kilowatts the unit is using by converting the amps to kw's


Below is a cost comparison via the South Australian Government website:


(Kilowatts were converted to watts for the cost calculator)

Measuring the units power consumption it's clear the savings are significant over a quarter. Pioneer RENEW can help save you thousands in running costs and will help pay off the unit replacement cost in a few years.


Pioneer International, the manufacturer of the Pioneer RENEW system covers their product with a full 7 year parts and labour warranty. This also includes warranty of the existing indoor fan motor (if accessible) which is re-used from the old air conditioning unit.

In a nutshell:

There is a lot to really like about the Pioneer RENEW systems. The ease of installation saves on labour costs and minimises the disruption to your home during the replacement process. RENEW’s energy efficient technology and Hydrocarbon refrigerant will save you thousands over the life of your new system.

  • Reduction in installation costs
  • Minimal disruption to your home as only the outdoor unit is replaced
  • No damage to our precious environment thanks to natural Hydrocarbon refrigerant
  • Reduction in energy usage by over 40% compared to old fixed speed systems
  • Full 7 year warranty on parts and labour
  • Supporting local Australian designed and engineered products

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